Course Delivery

Holding Synchronous Online Office Hours

Posted by Danny McDonald on July 19, 2016

Research indicates that instructor presence in an online course directly impacts students’ learning outcomes. Hosting synchronous online office hours is one way you can build presence in your course […]

Establishing Presence: Quick Tips

Posted by Danny McDonald on July 19, 2016

“The importance of creating a sense of presence in online teaching and learning environments cannot be overestimated.” –– Lehman and Conceição, 2010, p. viii
The degree to which students in […]

Engagement in Online Courses

Posted by Adam Shaw on July 19, 2016

Enhancing engagement in the online classroom often focuses on instructional materials. Instructors often ask themselves questions like, how can the material be more exciting? Can material be chunked better? […]

Group Projects in Online Courses

Posted by Marie Norman on July 19, 2016

“Every professor teaching online should consider team projects for his or her classes.”
— Edward Volchoc (2006)
Group projects allow students to tackle more complex and interesting problems than they could […]

Grading and Providing Feedback: Consistency, Effectiveness, and Fairness

Posted by Danny McDonald on July 14, 2016

You know that grading is an important part of teaching, but providing feedback is equally important. When you assign a grade and offer general or individualized feedback to your […]

Developing a Philosophy of Social Media

Posted by Nate Ackerly on July 14, 2016

Regardless of one’s view on its merits, social media has quickly become a necessary component of our daily lives. Social media apps weave a thread through every area of […]

Three Ways to Encourage Conversation in Online Discussion Forums

Posted by Marie Norman on July 14, 2016

Discussions happen all the time in face-to-face classrooms. They occur when students chat before and after class, when instructors pose questions during lectures, and when students form study groups […]

Course Expectations: Why You Need Them and How to Communicate Them

Posted by Marie Norman on July 14, 2016

In online courses, there are few cues from the environment to tell students what they’re supposed to do. So it’s especially important to make your expectations clear and explicit. […]